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a black and wall marks the spot smoke billowed from beneath a bart train a loud bang that stall the system and make people late this afternoon. after labor day but gas prices are rising factors that cause you to dig deeper for each gallon. the fastest growing crime in america smart phone users are warned to be alert. bart running on time after trains were stopped passengers reported an explosion in san francisco this afternoon said that center station evacuate it had the smoke poured out from underground elissa harrington with the source of today's the bite. this picture on twitter shows up plume of smoke over
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the civic center and bart station in downtown san francisco firefighters got a call of a possible explosion at 145 this afternoon the bomb squad rolled in and the bart station closed down passengers were told it would not be stopping at civic center. turns out no fire, the malfunction on the tracks that caused the smoke bart blames an overload of the motor damaging the rail. the third rail as the power line that they don't know of something touch the third rail and the actual tracks which then can cause what appears to be an explosion or shortage of the system a black and what you can see at ten in the third rel. one woman was treated for smoke inhalation traffic was backed up market street closed for nearly one hour on a busy sunday. the ventilation system this
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year on market street the train is off the tracks and now under inspection service back to normal during the train was coming in from pittsburgh point i was coming in on the falling trend we were stopped in the trans bay to the move this on to a different track to avoid stopping at civic center station now all trains back to normal and on time elissa harrington cbs 5 one year now since the occupy movement began. tonight occupy bay area united plans a gathering to mark the anniversary but not as promising as organizers thought don knapp with how the tactic is shaping up. did they fail to get the number they expected for this overnight occupation in front of the former bankamerica building or is this attacked it your
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people at your targets this is a small occupation just a few protesters it could be the new tactic this is an example to show people of their frustrated go and occupy it is it powerful tactic not necessarily about getting thousand people on the street relatively few occupier showed up at the 515 start time more trickle down for the overnight encampment barricades were waiting for them protecting the sculptor entitled banker's heart and others at the plaza. their targeting bankamerica center because it houses offices of wall street companies they clam represents corruption and inequality and uncap powers of wealth.
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in july cbs 5 is mark sherman checked in and found the movement alive and well at the bit low-key they decided this is a political demonstration there for the police needs to lay off police officers ed curran in california are laying off unless complaints are filed but things could get dicey and other occupy groups show up affiliated groups coming year after a day with action will come here and do a demonstration about that everyone is cooperative and friendly to nine will see how it goes tomorrow when the financial district opens. today marks six months since missing teenager sierra lamar was last seen. family and friends gather in morgan hill to release balloons she disappeared in march under way to school. search crews say weekly
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wednesday searches will be discontinued to focus on search efforts every saturday at 21 year old man has been charged with her murder after a lamar's dna was found in her car her body has not been found. a four hour standoff with north police at a motel 6 ended peacefully. the police tried to serve a warrant to the suspect for a violent crime, the suspect was standing at the motel, after set several failed negotiations a swat team was called then, the suspect came down at his room at the suspects pregnant girlfriend in baby also in the room. 53 year-old man arrested in connection with a boding crash that killed two people jefferies and out of auburn may have been under the influence he is charged with manslaughter the
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crash happened last night on inglebright lake in yuba county the names of the victims have not been released police are investigating the accident. law enforcement gathered in fairfield for a tribute to a fellow officer is killed in line of duty. today the final day of the second annual fallen officer shooting competition participants came from as far away as san barbara to test their shooting speed and accuracy the recent death of kang youngstrom fresh on everyone's mind. this is in honor of the officers that lost their lives but the officers that were for the chp he was a fairfield resident it is close to home for us all proceeds are donated to fairfield youth sports leagues. an emotional ceremony at reno air races honoring the people
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killed at last year's event. a parachute landing from an army veteran among the tributes balloons were released for each of the 11 victims killed when a modified air plan lost control and crashed into the grandstand. organizers say the resilience of those affected inspire them to keep going. he said as he poked a finger in my chest, you'd better run these races next year because my family will come back and be here and they are here. 60 people injured in the crash, organizers made safety changes at this year's event including moving ceding further away from the course. how did the attack on the u.s. consulate in benghazi began
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disagreement between the u.s. ambassador to united nations and the libya president of the attack that killed the u.s. ambassador and three other americans duarte geraldino tells us protesters still take place throughout the muslim world. demonstrators burn the american flag and threw rocks at police outside the u.s. consulate in pakistan. the clash erupted sunday when hundreds of people broke through a barrier official say the u.s. staff inside the safe. at least one protester is dead several others injured. protest against an anti islam movie produced in america exploded this past week ambassador christopher stevens and three other americans died in the and sold on the complex in benghazi on september 11th susan rice said evidence shows the attack began as spontaneous protest
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there were extremist elements that joined the and and as the lead of the violence the libyan president disagrees and told bob schieffer it was premeditated the perpetrators acted and moved chusing the specific date for the so-called demonstration leaves us no doubt this was preplanned libyan official say they have arrested 50 people and relation to the attack the fbi also investigates the u.s. government increases security to protect personnel overseas. duarte geraldino cbs news. territorial dispute with japan has demonstrators in china in the streets for second day in a row both countries fighting over islands in the pacific ocean, after japan decided tuesday to buy the islands
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protesters say it is a provocative violation of its sovereignty. the situation says leon panetta says china and japan are headed towards war. 50 cities in china reported acts of violence. less than two months before the election voters face a tough choice in choosing a president for them full of conflict. smart phone theft one of the fastest-growing crimes in the country. we have the back to work forecast it shows a nice week on tap things will cool down will tell you how much and when after a break.
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campaign 2012 going to be a busy week for both presidential candidates they travel through battleground states. less than two months before election day president obama goes to iowa tomorrow with stops in cincinnati and columbus he goes to new york florida and wisconsin mitt romney plans to court latino voters in los angeles he will speak to the u.s. hispanic chamber of commerce and interview with the spanish network telemundo. he will hold events in texas. the awards a message in a tight presidential race some african american clergy see no good
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candidate in the race for president won who is a mormon and the other back same-sex marriage. anne mackovic with more. sunday at mount zion church in berkeley for some that means talking politics i don't make recommendations might push is to make sure they vote. in a acp is registering people to thousand eight obama 1 over 95 percent of black voters expected to get an overwhelming majority again but cannot afford to lose much of the base. the president cannot and support of same sex marriage, a touchy issue yes it is on the other hand mitt romney is mormon religion that once barred man of african descent from priesthood i don't really think their
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religious background or denomination i believe what they can do for the people what they could do to effect change in our nation that is what is important this is about rights. the in a act came to stand for proposition 34 to abolish the death penalty political analyst joe touman says a lot is riding on enthusiasm the dilemma for the president enough of those people show up to vote will then make a difference and to get them the a cheese needs to be governor romney. they should get excited and opportunity for the voice to be heard. anne mackovic cbs 5 gas prices risen 5¢ and past week. the national average price is $3.87 per gallon up 16¢.
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and 24¢ from a year ago. prices normally decline after labor day but a number of factors have led to an uptick in the price of crude. among them the tensions in the middle east the german bailout of the euros zone and refinery shutdowns. you can find the best gas prices on our on line guess guide check out pump patrol on cbs s f dot com. i don't know of people can afford sunday drives and more. as long as they keep them short. we look at high temperatures around the bay, which came down a few degrees things cool down in the bay area it sets a trend. chilly 60 degrees in oakland 69, fairfield 91 degrees, does this resemble a fire hose to you?
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it's not really some people have a story about lily corey, who gave money to build the tower in 1933 she loved to chase fire engines, that led to the story this poster resembles a fire hose not true and it is an art deco design that stands above telegraph hill. look for things to chill a little bet temperatures will come down slowly, mid-week warmup in the offing. plenty of sunshine around the bay. by midmorning the clouds will disburse during predominant feeling will be sunny. sunshine around much of the bay. along the coast line rather chilly that is how will start the day tomorrow.
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low clouds at the coast in the numbers in the upper 50s here's how things should look over 24 hours, low clouds build them, they peel back and then sunrise tomorrow night they come back again. that is what we have this time of year. overnight lows tonight in santa rosa down to 48 tonight. livermore 53 degrees. most locations mid to upper 50s. half moon bay 58, morgan hill 81, 70 at hayward, antioch 83, 83 brentwood 77 napa, north bay not bad. 74 santa rosa, 76 petaluma, 76 daly city, extended forecast
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inland areas in the low 80's. warm up little toward weekend but with cool it down again, the time of year we talked about the prospect for rain. next weekend a fairly strong low pressure center closed northern california, there's no rain on forecast but we are thinking about it. customers looking forward to friday's official release of the i phone 5. lines formed outside apple's flagship store in new york. not just apple fans looking forward to the new a phone lee cowan with more. often brazen daylight attacks a woman talking on herself on and the next it is gone she's left with disbelief
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during that crime took place in san francisco about half of all robberies and all the smart phone. it is like gold this detective says that's at increase 32%, in new york city up 40% we'll see cellphones overtaking money as the number- one thing stolen during to me that is astounding cellphones are easy to reprogram myself sometimes for hundreds of dollars the sec stepped in requiring providers create a centralized data base to make an easier to track and shut off during the i phone remain so valuable the attacks can turn violent. shoes at a bus stop texting her mom when it happened to her it was by thought someone was playing a prank on me but they were forceful and it would
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meet around it was not a joke she tried to hold onto it and it got worse his friend came to this side of me and hit me in the face twice the key says police say the key is to be more aware. when you wear ear but don't hear the person coming mobile phones are mobile but as the point, but when you think about it so is cash. you don't count how much cash you took out of the atm so police say don't flaunt your latest expensive gadget. it's like wearing a t-shirt to say i'm a victim to take my phone where there is a victim there's a potential target lee cowan cbs news space shuttle endeavor supposed to begin its last flight to california where it will be displayed
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and the latest entry in the
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resident evil franchise debuted at top of the weekend box office resident evil /retribution rate in $50 million worldwide. rhee release of " finding nemo " that is close second running out the possession lawless and aaron norman. three men and including an american aboard a sore use space cancel half touchdown in eastern europe. the touchdown confirmed the touchdown has occurred the capsule landed in kazakhstan at 750 our time it took them three a half hour is to reach earth after undocking from the international space station and then spent four months in space.
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weather is affecting the last light of the space shuttle endeavor, it is scheduled to take off first thing tuesday morning scheduled to arrive las angeles thursday. you may be able to see it it is scheduled to conduct low-level flyovers before landing in los angeles where it embarks as a museum exhibit at the california signed center. could the 49ers save face for ,,
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last week the 49ers defense stopped one star quarterback and aaron rodgers they face another with matthew stafford tonight. jim harbaugh and jim swartz slug
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friendly. the first drive of the game units up with vernon davis. an impressive early. 49ers put it away. alex smith rolls out fines davis again during. 49ers win 29-17. raiders in miami. run over by the dolphins. look at how many raider tacklers miss him. 35-13. a's and orioles his second home run of the game orioles win 9-5 a's are to what ben wild-card spot. a giants and diamondbacks. a basis clearing his giants remained seven and half games up
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in national league west game day 1135. i'm so glad you called. thank you.
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